Panic! (Don’t Panic)

True story – I get a call from the district letting me know that the BOE ballot order drawing is this morning.

That’s followed by an email with the order of names on the ballot.
My name is not listed anywhere…

That email is followed twenty minutes later with a CORRECTED document that has me listed on the ballot in third place out of four.

Someone just wanted to see the vein in my head jump for a little bit.


Fulfilling but exhausting weekend

While it was really humbling to see all those people on Saturday (even the one who said nope – not interested in supporting you) it was also more work than I expected it to be.

Walking up to a strange house, knocking on the front door and asking someone who doesn’t know you and had no plans that day to meet you is a terrifying prospect.

If they are willing to give you the time – answering what you will do for them is also stressful – even if it is the truth and easy to explain (since you believe it and live it).

If they won’t give you the time – how can you blame them?

Follow that up with two parties and I’m ready for a nap today.

This weekend I am getting up early for the rest of my life – maybe

6:00 seems to be the sweet spot for my life at this point in time.
Working backwards that means I need to be tooth brushed and in bed with the lights out by 10:00 if I have any hope of getting enough sleep to work at a high level for the next three years or so.

This doesn’t seem like it would be something I could sustain for the next three years.
Most nights my children are not asleep by that time.

Moving it to 7:00 shrinks that early morning time down to the current state.

Perhaps I need to analyze what I am doing in the evening?

Jim – 1 Clogged Kitchen Drain – 0

Well it took about four hours of time in the crawlspace last night, but the kitchen sink is back to it’s old gurgley self again. This time I will NOT neglect to climb on the roof and push a hose down the vent for it.

I’m suspicious that this is what caused the issue in the first place.

If water can’t surge down the line, solids might be rocking back and forth as the air pushes up and the water trickles down instead of everything sweeping downstream.

Hopefully a quick flush with the hose and then a cap with screen and we will never speak of this again…