So now we are ATV people – that’s who we are

And it’s freakin awesome!

Nick crashed his 70 the first day without breaking any bones or equipment (or landscaping) so now we are just waiting for the big one’s first throw before I will sleep easy.

Alex has crashed into a shrub – but if it’s not wheels up – it doesn’t count as a huge learning experience yet.

Sure is fun though!

No Board of Education in 2014 for me

I could have done more to have my name out in front of people.  I am okay with the freshly elected members and the members who are sitting at this time.

I trust them.

This gives me a chance this summer to reset and determine what my focus should be over the next few years.  Make my lists – work the processes.

Still stings a bit – that’s just pride…

Where are my golf shoes?

Also – why am I asking the internet?

But seriously, they aren’t in the shoe cabinet, boots bucket, my closet, front hall closet, storage or under the back seat of my truck.

Yes – they are also not in my golf bag.

I hope they enjoy their freedom…

Meet the Candidates Night was awesome!

It’s nerve-wracking stepping before an audience and a set of cameras to answer unknown questions about a position that you have yet to obtain.

But it’s also quite a rush – especially in Penfield.

There were no loaded questions, or personal questions, or questions designed to push any one agenda.  That may be in part due to the excellence of our moderator for the evening.

But some of that has to come from the community itself.

Now if I could just find a way to get more people to attend these things – physically or virtually – I could go to sleep happy…