Checked out mentally – almost there.

And whiskey tango foxtrox on the speed of my website today – huh?

Almost Vacation!

And I cannot wait!  I have a bunch of ‘me’ things and a bunch of family things and even a few house and home things I am getting excited about.

Now I just need to finish the work things…

Interesting look at RedFang last night

I want to poll the Bluetooth devices that come within range of my system.

I don’t want to exploit or attack – just notice.

By design this isn’t possible unless the device is set to discoverable mode.

It turns out that is only ‘mostly’ true.

Hurry up and wait at the office again

It’s amazing how a team of people dedicated to doing the right thing can end up taking opposite positions on the same topic.

It’s a pattern that I don’t understand.

Facts are friends – not flexible.

Mac OSX10.10 LaunchAgent fail

Attempting to start stunnel on my Mac to encrypt my Synergy traffic between desktop and laptop.

Launch Agents seem to be the place to put things – let launchd keep tabs on the execution and re-try if it fails.

Mine fails silently and the developer network is less than clear on why.

The challenges are endless and right in front of us every day.

Late Night sending code to Japan

It never ceases to amaze me how fragile some infrastructure can be.  FTP is ONE YEAR YOUNGER than me. Why anyone should have to ensure that a transfer is a success is beyond me some days.

Especially at midnight on a Thursday.

Just read a FUD article about air-gap security integrity

This piece of inflammatory garbage goes on and on about the danger posed by having cell phones near air-gap security rooms.

How the ‘secure’ PC – if compromised by the right virus – could send data out using the nearby cell phone.

How does the ‘right virus’ get on the air-gap system in the first place?
(crickets chirping)

Probably through 5.25″ floppy is my guess…

Juggling Chainsaws

At one point today I was researching how to create and install a self-signed SSL key – signed by a self-signed root certificate authority.

At the same time I was debugging an issue with SVN, using Xcode on a Mac (which I don’t own) for a person in India.

Also back filling for a co-worker on vacation in China.

I need a break.

This Friday workday must END!

You ever have one of those days where two critical systems you do NOT own are failing and you chuckle about not being ‘that guy’?
This is almost always followed by this:












I didn’t even laugh out loud!

Changing my addictions this week

For the past few years I have been addicted to video games, golf, youth football and my job.
Addiction is a loaded word, but I chose it deliberately. It’s one of those words that implies a shift in responsibility over time. Addicts choose to start what hooks them. It’s very rare that an addict is forced into an addiction (rare but ugly and evil).
After that first blush of excitement the highs come harder and harder – taking more effort each time. This isn’t a failure, just the nature of the system itself.
I have been blessed (and lucky) to try and start again from scratch on several fronts. That’s my goal this week – to pick the next set of experiences – with the end goal in mind.